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Chronolabyrinth is a game where the player has to navigate through a maze to reach the exit, while managing the limited supplies of batteries for his flashlight and where he randomly gets sent back in time.

This experimental game was done for the Experimental Gameplay Project in 2012, which consists of making a game in 7 days, using the theme “Time manipulation”. I read about the competition slightly too late, so this game was entirely done in only 3 days.

How to play:

  • W,A,S,D to move
  • F to turn flashlight on and off
  • R to add a new battery in the flashlight

Game features:

  • a new maze every game
  • different object placement every game
  • manage the flashlight, dimming light as it depleats
  • interact with various objects
  • get sent back to a previous location after a brief warning